Friday the 13th



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    Friday the 13th

    Post by Admin on Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:21 am

    Is our Gee bias obvious?

    Somewhere along the lines, it seems that KBS got confused with the traditions of Friday the 13th and April 1st, and created a freak hybrid of the two on this weeks Music Bank.

    Watching the charts the past week, noticing the "trends" on other music shows, radio stations and online charts.. it is obvious that "Gee" is no longer in the forefront of peoples minds... If anything, "Gee" is slowly finding its way to the trashbin, much like the SNSD fanmail that "Cleaning Ajummas" are framed for omitting.

    Therefore, why is it, that the only show that allegedly combines online charts and mobile phone rankings and creates the most "accurate" portrayal of the Korean charts, is hanging on to the "past"?

    Let me save you, or myself from the video footage for the time being... I literally was floored and sickly at the sight of such obvious paying off and horrible acting from the SNSD girls.

    Worse off, it seems that this shoddy covering up of their "favoritism extra investment", is not getting convincing at all. I mean 13....Just 13... Figure it out here... 13.... Yes thats 13 people extra that apparently either bought the track online, or downloaded it to their mobiles... How interesting, that number is quite familiar.... Could it possibly be the number of people in the group that these girls were "based on", the number of people performing in a group that KBS Music Bank had the honor of getting first dibs on (those guys with the super hyped comeback Wink), or the date....

    Goodness knows, its just that somewhere along the lines, the person asked to "tally up", or "make up" the amount that SNSD "beat" Davichi with... Was probably just asked the date, or remembering how many members there are of Super Junior.

    Please, try harder next time with your bullsh*t. This is neither coincidence or convincing, at least if you're going to be paying people off, and forcing these useless females down peoples throats, be creative about it... Awe us with your maniacal manipulative and decieving techniques... Or better yet, just simply convince my 7 year old cousin that there isnt something "fishy" going on.

    KBS we know this is a difficult time, the recession and the downsizing and the cutting back you've been doing is extremely taxing.... Yet, this unbelievably dirty money that your getting from Papa SM is only sullying your good name.


    For those of you that wish to look at the online charts, here's a few links. You are free to do your own research of course, don't just take our word for it Wink

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